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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Craig, a 30-something from the UK (that’s my face on the sidebar). I run this blog in my spare time around a full time job and my home life. I decided to start Postcards and Pizza because of my love for writing, travel and well… pizza. I wanted a project that I could call my own and as I have been inspired by a number of great travel blogs over the years, I was hoping I might be able to inspire someone too. The name might seem random but as the blog was started in 2018, you are probably not surprised to hear that many of the blog names I thought of (and there were A LOT!) had already been taken. I guess I am a little late to the party on the blogging front. Anyway, Postcards and Pizza is a name that took me a good couple of weeks to think of and so it was a huge relief when a name I actually liked was available! As the name suggests, you can basically expect a heavy emphasis on travel but I will also write a bit about lifestyle, food and anything else that I think people may find interesting or helpful.

Travel is something that I have always enjoyed and whether it is a couple of nights in the UK or a couple of weeks in Australia, I love to explore new places whenever I can. I have ticked off a number of destinations that I want to visit and yet it seems that my list of where to visit is only ever growing (if only my lottery numbers came up right?)! I love the big expensive trips overseas but I also weirdly enjoy seeing how affordable I can make trips. Another love of mine is food, especially Italian, oh and Chinese, and Thai, and Mexican… Picking a restaurant can be hard work sometimes! All that food talk made me think of cheese, I love cheese.

So that basically explains the blog but what about me? Well I did the standard route of college, then University and then a career but as my twenties came closer to their conclusion my desire to travel became more and more. After a failed attempt to quit my job and go travelling for 12 months (I will explain that one day), I realised that my life at home was more important to me and I didn’t want to end up being that full time traveller in his 30’s who knows the hostel scene of South East Asia like the back of his hand. I wanted to own a house with my girlfriend, drive a decent car and actually have some money in my bank account. Yes my desire to travel is still there and has never gone away (and never will) but why do I need to squeeze it all into one year? I am perfectly happy being a part time traveller and having the best of both worlds. That is where I am at now and why I decided I would start this blog. I wanted to show people who can’t just quit their jobs or go on a gap year that you CAN work full time and still see the amazing world we live in. Travel is accessible to everyone and I want to prove it.

It would be great to connect with people who read my blog, why not say hello on Twitter or Facebook. Why not follow me on Instagram too and see the pictures I take as soon as I take them!