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We all need to get away once in a while right? Sometimes we can be oblivious to how long it has been since we have had a break. I have compiled eight scenarios that may well occur in your day to day life and if you are experiencing more than one of these then I think you may be overdue a little holiday!

1. You are looking at travel related pictures on Instagram more and more every day. Let’s be honest, some of the photography on #wanderlust and #instatravel (to name just two) is truly amazing and can easily make us envious!

2. You find yourself randomly navigating your way to skyscanner.net and searching for flight prices to see the possibilities that could lie ahead. Being able to set the destination to ‘everywhere’ is one of the best inventions ever (2nd only to pizza maybe)!

Puerto Mogan Holiday

3. You keep looking at the holiday rota at work to see where you can squeeze in a couple of days off or to check how far away your next days off are. Our holiday entitlement just never seems to be quite enough!

4. Your working week just starts to feel longer and longer and longer and… “I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday morning, it feels like Thursday!”

5. Seeing your friends holiday pictures being uploaded to Facebook starts making you feel jealous even if they went somewhere you don’t care about. That unfollow button starts to look way more attractive during the holiday season!

Playa Blanca Holiday

6. It’s been that long since you felt a warm sun ray on your skin that you have actually forgotten how many bikinis/swim shorts you own. You know the one, you look at your holiday clothes and think “Oh I forgot I had that”.

7. You start contemplating quitting your job, selling everything you own and just travelling the world with a rucksack full of clothes, travel sized toiletries and a feeling of freedom. Visiting new places all the time has to be better than the daily grind right?

8. Susan in Purchasing is going to Mexico in a couple of weeks and asks if you have anything booked. A huge wave of disappointment and sadness washes over you as you reply “No, nothing”. Bugger off Susan with your Mexico holidays and your chirpy personality.

So there you have it. I would be interested to hear your thoughts and if you think there are any other telltale signs that you need to get away. Use the comments section and let me know.

Holiday Pinterest


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